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Sunday, December 23, 2007
I had a decidedly weird dream last night. In fact, it was so weird, that I think it deserves to go up on this blog. Besides, there's not much else going on racing-wise. So here it goes. Dream font on...

It was summer. There was a heat wave going on. I was mostly hanging out around our house. I was dressed in tiny red speedos. Suddenly, it began to rain, but with it, I saw flash flooding rushing down a hillside towards our area. I ran into the house and told my wife about it. She didn't seem too disturbed by it. When I looked outside again, we were surrounded by shallow water. I went into the basement and looked to see if we owned a dingy. I couldn't find one. My wife suggested I take a swim down to the local hardware/supply store. The logic was, since the area is flooded, they'd probably be selling inflatable boats, kinda like snowblowers in the winter I guess

Conveniently, the store was located only about 0.5 a mile away
(which is completely not where it is in real life). I swam down to the store, noting that the surface of the water was following the terrain. So at times I had to swim downhill and at times uphill. Pretty odd sensation. I finally made it to the store and found a pretty good selection of inflatable boats. I picked one up and seeing as I neglected to buy any kind of an oar, I had to swim home and pull it alongside. Right, makes sense. When I got to the house, I figured I'd make or find something that could be used for rowing.

By the time I got there, the water was beginning to subside. I looked around the house and couldn't find anything useful. I went outside again and saw that the water had receded to the point that our yard and the road were now showing again, but there was a bit of a lake left not far from our house. I knew I had to get on that lake with the boat before the lake disappeared too. At this point I noticed that much of the ground was now all fine sand and had snowmobile tracks. I could even make out spots where the snowmobile was doing a little wheelie because the ski tracks would momentarily disappear after hill crests. I thought that was interesting and how neat it would be if I had a snowmobile right about now.

Lo and behold, I came upon a hole in the ground covered with a sheet of plywood. I opened it up and found what appeared to be a motor boat with the outboard motor detached. Now, this is where the dream gets a little confusing. Suddenly behind me was an old man. He told me that he put that snowmobile in the hole after it stopped running years ago. From this point on, the hole appeared to contain an old snowmobile rather than a motor boat. It's all good. I asked the old man some questions about what was wrong with it and how long it was sitting there like that. He kept insisting that it was junk and wasn't worth my time, but I went in the house and started to make plans for it.

Curiously, i was no longer interested in riding a snowmobile on sand to the lake, but instead my mind was occupied with the big 2-stroke engine and how I could make it work in a minibike. I had seen some pictures of Japanese minibikes with big-bore motorcycle engines (think CB750) stuffed into them. I thought putting a similar displacement 2 stroke snowmobile engine without a transmission would be even more radical. It appeared the only real obstacle was going to be having to fabricate custom exhaust routing. Since it was a 2-stroke it couldn't just be a set of pipes running in a different way. Rather, I would still have to incorporate an expansion chamber into it. So my mind began to attack the problem of measuring the old expansion chamber volume and length and creating a formula for measurements of a new expansion chamber that would run around the frame geometry of a minibike.

Sadly, this is where I woke up.
Wednesday, December 12, 2007
Plans for 2008 Season
Well, I just filled out a CCS license renewal form for next year. I still haven't made good on posting the Laguna Seca clips. There are 2 car projects (one serious) in the garage. And I haven't even touched the race bike except for putting it away for the winter. I better get my ass in gear. Once the big car project is out of the way (BMW top end job), I'll need to get on with the following:
  1. new steering damper (currently planning on a Scotts unit)
  2. fork service
  3. reset trail, swingarm angle, and sag
  4. new belly pan
  5. clutch service
  6. valve service
This is a lot! I better stop wasting my time at work (just kidding).
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