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Tuesday, August 31, 2004
Prepped the EX frame for the welding shop last night. Took off the wheels and loaded it up in the car. Took it to Weiss Welding this morning before starting work. The guy said it'd probably be $40 at the most. He might even be able to straighten the subframe cold. Should be done for tomorrow. Once the frame is straight, I'm gonna try to catch up to schedule before the weekend by putting the motor in and getting it running.
Wednesday, August 25, 2004
A few months ago Alix and decided to make a move back to the East Coast. Looks like we're either looking at buying some land and building a house on the cheap, or buying a house, also on the cheap. Either way it'll be upstate around our families. Good stuff. I'll miss SF, but all in all, I've had enough of the Bay Area honestly.
Alix and I sat down on Sunday (8/24/2004) and talked about which race dates we'd like to hit before the season is done. 3 came up. That's great, except the first one is 9/27/2004, so I better get my act together. We worked out the schedule and it looks like I have just enough time -- no room to slack though.

This week I need to take the bike to get the frame straightened and mount the motor before the weekend is over. Emailed Mr. RPM about that. Might have to call him if he doesn't get back to me today.

Got the check from CyclePages finally! It was postmarked 8/20/2004, which is several days later than they said they'd sent it out. Bastids. Whatever, I don't give a shit. I'm probably never gonna see the full amount.

Speaking of money, called up AAMCO yesterday and Sal (the owner who took over for Clay) told me he wasn't gonna reimburse me. Unbelievable. That's after I explained to him on the phone everything about how the car was kept in the shop for so long and how Clay told me to hold on to it. I can't believe this guy. More shit to do -- gotta make an appointment at SF small claims court and get the process started.
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